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Pneumatic Manipulator MEGAPARTNER MG with articulated arms, equipped with special gripping tools, is suitable to handle heavy (max 1500 kg) and also off-set loads, in any direction, allowing the operator to work with the minimum effort in good ergonomic and safety conditions.


A pneumatic cylinder fed with compressed-air, combined with a transmission lever system, provides balance to the load weight applied.
The cylinder force is controlled through two pneumatic circuits purposely arranged: the first one always keeps the weight system balanced; the second one provides to always keep the weight load balanced.
The operator can change the load level simply operating a pneumatic control lever.

Technical Specs

Max weight capacity: 1500 Kg
Max working radius: 5000 mm
Vertical lift: 3050 mm
Control system: solely pneumatic
Supply: filtrated compressed-air (40 µm), not lubricated
Working pressure: 0.7 ÷ 0.8 Mpa
Working temperature: from +0° to +45° C
Noise level: <70 dB
Consumption: from 100 Nl ÷ 600 Nl per working cycle
– constant 360° on the column and tooling axis
– 300° on the intermediate axis

Balancing System

Up/down lever
It allows the lifting and handling of the load in a quick, precise and linear way, without any adjustments, simply actioning a lever control.

Lever pushbutton
It allows the load balancing by actioning a pneumatic pushbutton after lifting the load through a lever control.